5/18/2020 -  We have started to plan and prepare in regards to addional PPE Requirements we may face, as well as mapping out best procedures for appointments, yet at this time we still do not have a date of reopen, as per the NJ State regulations put in place by Governor Murphy. We are doing all that we can to stay within the law to ensure we are able to open again when this is all over. We are limited to what we can do under these government regulations and we are following them to ensure we do our part to keep our community healthy.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding and support during this time. Please see below for more information regarding Appointments and At-Home Care Options.

A Note From Brenda -

Its seems like a long time ago I celebrated 38 year’s in business. Wait, it was just last month on March 15th! Life has been a tumultuous string of weeks like none of us have seen before! I first want to thank you all for getting us to that fabulous anniversary! Please know that we are doing everything in our power to remain the trusted salon and spa you’ve come to love and trust and look forward to taking care of your beauty needs!

Nail Care - At the onset, our professional nail staff reached out to those of you that had regular or standing nail appointments to guide you in the grow out process. I too have loved my nail enhancements the past 35 years – and they are gone – but I’m otherwise fine, and I'll get them back!

Lashes - Those with lashes, I’m sure most of you are back to natural by now but we do we look forward to work within some guidelines to eventually bringing them back! We suggest using Blinc, available from Panache online in the link below in meantime for enhancement!

Skin Care - To our skin care clients – we are happy to announce the availability of the DermaMed products you have come to love! Look below for the links for DermaMed and Blinc online purchases!

Hair Care - For our hair clients, we forgive you if you’ve cut your bangs – all can be repaired. So many of you love your color services – this has been a nightmare for us! Color is NOT that simple. The knowledge that goes into formulation as well as our stylists technique’s has too brought us to our knees regarding you! We can ask you to wait, that is difficult for many of you. Many of our clients have accessed the links we have provided and are using the temporary “safe” grey blending brands Style Edit or Rita Hazaan ... but as time goes on, that may not be enough! Many have asked our recommendation with another “box” retail brand and trust me – we are not educated in "box" haircolor! What is a “level 5” in one brand can be a level 3 in another... what addresses warmth or red in our Redken color may not be addressed in another brand!
Again, our answer today is wait – for the wrong color choice could get your hair into a heap of trouble going forward.

Please know we are doing all that we can to continue to provide what you have come to know and love about Panache. We will make it through this time of uncertainty with strength, as well as our heads held high that we are staying within the bounds of the law to keep our community safe.

~  With love,

Brenda Hunt
Owner/ Director
Panache Hair Salon and Day Spa


At this time we are not rescheduling or booking new appointments for the months of April, May, June, or July as we do not have a date of reopen yet. Any Panache Guest who has/had an appointment during this time of closure is already automatically on our “Call List.” If you wish to request to be on this list, either for new appointments other than what has been missed, or to clarify which services and Panache Professional you will be looking for, please fill out the following --> COVID Appointment Form

At-Home Care Options:

We have been hard at work solidifying ways for you to shop from home and get our distributors to ship right to you! The products we carry at Panache come from different locations and brands, so there is not one place to shop. Please look for the brand name of the product you are looking for, and follow the link! If you are unsure of the name of a specific product you have purchased in the past, or are looking for a professional recommendation, please email us at concierge@panachespa.com If you do not see a brand name listed, please email us as well, and we can look to guide you towards your purchase.

Panache Gift Card - Print at Home and be ready to use at your next Panache Appointment! Click Here

Temporary Root Cover Options, such as Style Edit & Rita Hazan: Click Here

Redken Shampoos, Conditioners and Styling Products: Click Here

Pureology Shampoos, Conditioners and Styling Products: Click Here

All Amika, Keratin Complex, Reuzel products, as well as Styling Tools: Click Here

BLINC Makeup & Mascaras: Click Here

DermaMed SkinCare Products: ALL DermaMed Items Available! Just EMAIL your order to: Concierge@panachespa.com - We will let you know the price + tax + $8 flat rate shipping. You will then purchase a Panache Gift Card (online) to pay, and we will have DermaMed ship directly to you!

Personalized Nail Care Kits: We have curated 3 Nail Kit Options, just for our Panache Guests! Please EMAIL your order to: Concierge@panachespa.com - We will let you know the price + tax + $3.00 flat rate shipping. You will then purchase a Panache Gift Card (online) to pay, and your items will be shipped directly to you! See image below for Kit Options!

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