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*please also list if you may at all consider at home maintenance during quarantine. Honesty is needed here to ensure you get scheduled the correct amount of time for your appointment. If you have/do your hair or nails at home, we will need to reserve additional time for your service(s). If this additional time is not reserved in advance, we WILL NOT be able to service you at the time of your appointment. You will be asked to reschedule at a later date.

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Please note at this time we are doing everything we can to organize the scheduling of appointments upon return. We do not know (if any) what restrictions may be placed upon us by the state regarding service options, hours or limits to guests in our space. All appointments will be verified by PHONE or DIRECT EMAIL via Concierge@panachespa.com. Please also note we are aware that Standing appointments may need to be altered once we return. Standing changes will be addressed after your first return visit, so we can schedule out from there. We also are unable to guarantee every appointment requested at the time of open. We are doing our best!

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